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Penguin War



OK, here's the deal, this is a very fast paced tower defence - attack game. The penguins have been fighting for centuries trying to dominate Antarctica. Your mission is simple, choose your side, and then overcome the enemy by getting your units to overrun the enemy igloo base! Don't forget to defend your base with towers (Polar bear mercenaries and others, imported from the Arctic) Novice Play To begin, you should play novice mode - this will help you get a feel for different tower and unit types. All new units/towers are given to you free of charge! Advanced play
Once you've mastered novice, play on advanced. In advanced mode, you pay for new unit and tower research by upgrading your base (select base and then click on the upgrade button in the bottom control panel of the game)
Advanced mode is much more challenging than novice, and will test you to your tactical limits.
Map Selection
Games get increasingly more difficult from Map 1 to Map 3!

Short cut keys - U to upgrade a tower; S to sell a tower.

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