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Link It Up Puzzle game

Link It Up is an exciting platform game. Life is a puzzle, it is a mystery. It is a journey from point A (birth) to point B (death.) Link It Up is also a game about going from point a to point b, and yes if you fail you just might fall into the neon spikes and die. But while you're here, while you're out there running around and moving dots and lines, you're not just alive: you're living. The pungent inevitability of entropy is always all around you, can you link up the dots in order to paint yourself out of deaths corner? Even for a minute, even for a second. You can run but you can't jump. You will need your puzzle skills in order to build bridges to the future and dominate. The leaderboard is yours for the taking if you have the strength to grasp it and hold on like you've never held before. Do it if you can.


use the mouse

Game category: Puzzle games

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