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Layers Roll Platform game

Layers Roll is a fun casual game where you roll over strips the same color as your wheel. Add more layers and achieve your highest score while dodging obstacles. Collect coins along the way!

Avoid obstacles and make smart choices

Along the way, you’ll encounter various obstacles and choices. There are colored gates that change the color of your wheel shortly before you encounter new strips, surfaces that strip away the layers, and walls that stop you dead in your tracks.

Along with these obstacles, there are also choices you can make to get the most layers and coins as possible.

Get bonus coins and buy characters

At the end of the level you enter the bonus zone, where you continue rolling until your layers have all been stripped away. The further you get in this area, the more coins you can collect! You can then use your coins to buy fun new characters in the shop.


Use AD to move and pick up the colored layers. You can only pick up the layers that match the color of your wheel!

Game category: Platform games

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