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Home Platform game

Home is a free desktop puzzle game. When you're lost, when you're far away, there is nothing more comforting than the thought of home and you'd do anything to get back there. In 'Home' you're lost in the wild and desperate to make it back to your bedroom so you can sleep, listen to music, watch Netflix, and just chill. It will be a long journey through a puzzling series of levels that feature pit-falls, spikes, floating platforms, and other death-defying obstacles. luckily you have your grappling hook! That is right, there is no pit, spike, or laser force field that can't be outsmarted with the judicious use of a grappling hook.

So, get ready to zipline your way through a series of single-screen platform puzzles that require the use of running, jumping, grappling hooks and the synthesis of all of your requisite skills. It will be challenging, it will be difficult, and it will definetly be scary. But if you lock in, buckle down and keep your chin up you can overcome any obstacle. And hey, the grappling hook helps.


Use the Arrow Pad or W,A,S,D keys to navigate your character through the various platforms, pits, jumps and spikes. If you come across an obstacle where a simple jump won't cut it: fear not. Use your mouse to activate, aim and use your grappling hook.

Game category: Platform games

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