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Once again another retro heads up from Saberman, as we've just been told that a final version of the Boulder Dash clone of Flaschbier, has been made available for the Commodore 64.A re-release of the 1985 game by Werner Soft which at the time was only considered as a leaked beta. The difference between that version and this one, is it contains selectable levels from 1 to 45, a new level editor, and several little changes in the code. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a video of the game which can be viewed below. According to Excess the original game was leaked in 1985 before it was released, as a friend of Peiselulli who borrowed a whole box of games, had passed on the beta to others prior to the leak. Hence why many people already know about the game ( Not me! ). The reason the game has appeared today however, is after 37 years Peiselulli finally found the tape again and released it as Gravedigger at the Nordlicht Demoparty, which is the fully complete version you seen today. And that's pretty much all we know so far, as the NFO description of the game seems to be badly translated.

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C64 longlpay video Flaschbier game.

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