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Drifting Racing game

Drifting is a free clicker style-game. Put that pedal to the metal and get ready to Drift your way to victory in this fast-paced game of skill, physics, balance, and timing. Most people are used to the thrills and chills of first-person style race games but in this game, you will get to try your luck and your skill against a physics-based racing puzzle that allows you to launch a grappling hook to control your turns. You'll need to know exactly when to launch the hook, where to launch it, and how long to hold on by evaluating your speed and direction. You'll be scored by how long you're able to stay on the track without crashing with bonuses for making laps. As your progress through the game, the tracks will become longer and more complex which will force you to make faster and more challenging decisions. This is part puzzle game, part racing game, part physics game but all fun. Unlock new cars and new tracks, challenge your friends and see if you have what it takes to truly become a racing legend. Drift champions are not born they are made and we offer you the opportunity to re-create yourself in this exciting racing game.


On a desktop computer use your mouse to point and click to launch the grappling hook. On your mobile device use your finger to tap the screen and launch the grappling hook.

Game category: Racing games

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