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Davy Commodore 64 game

Davy, King of the Wild Frontier, embarks on a quest to save the woman he loves.

Picture this: You're in the Wild West, with smoke signals rising from the hills, and horse-drawn stagecoaches traveling along the roads. But during the night, the Indians have swiped your clothes, rifle, and girlfriend. The next morning, you awaken to the task of retrieving your belongings while dodging oncoming arrows, lances, tomahawks, snakes, cacti, and Indians.

The game comprises multiple screens, each requiring you to collect a different item before advancing to the next level. While the background graphics are well-done, the animated characters in the foreground could use more attention to detail, which is somewhat disappointing.

One notable feature of the game is the inclusion of speech. Periodically, it interrupts the gameplay to say phrases like "Wild Indians." However, understanding the words can be a challenge, and you may end up turning the sound down after a while. This, though, isn't a significant drawback.

In my experience, the game is enjoyable and surprisingly free of bugs, despite some occasional mistyped key presses and attempts to crash the program.

The cassette cover claims fast loading, but I didn't find it to be notably faster than usual, and it doesn't appear to utilize a special turbo-loader. The loading process also appears to be somewhat unreliable.

Game category: Commodore 64 games

You play as Davy, the fearless frontier king, in an exciting side-scrolling game. Unfortunately, your beloved partner and all your attire and gear have been captured. Your mission is to traverse through each screen from left to right, rescuing a half-naked Davy by reaching the clothing or equipment on the right side. Be cautious, as hostile Native Americans will emerge, launching arrows and tomahawks towards you. Quick reflexes are crucial as you must dodge or jump to evade their projectiles. Getting hit deducts one of your three lives. As you progress, you'll encounter rivers with logs drifting across. Utilize these logs to cross, or risk losing a life by falling into the water. Once you successfully rescue your gal, the screens repeat, but this time, you must navigate around snakes and cacti, adding to the challenge.

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