Computer_Scrabble_De_Luxe_1989_Leisure_Genius_DE_cr_EP Amiga game

Scrabble De Luxe is an exception to the usual challenges of adapting board games to home computers. While many such conversions struggle with fitting the game elements onto a small screen and providing a worthy opponent, Scrabble De Luxe shines on the Amiga.

The game board and tiles are expertly displayed in this version, boasting large, clear graphics that are easy on the eyes. Players won't find themselves squinting or reaching for a magnifying glass. Whether playing against human or computer-controlled opponents, up to four players can enjoy the game, with the computer offering eight skill levels.

The computer proves to be a challenging adversary, armed with a dictionary of approximately 24,000 words. At higher skill levels, it can achieve an average score of over 300 points, making for intense gameplay. Optional time limits can add an extra layer of challenge, though players must be mindful of their own time constraints.

Players have the option to view the computer's thought process, hide tile racks, and utilize various in-game options such as obtaining hints or changing tiles. Additionally, unfinished games can be saved for later, although it's unfortunate that saves must be made to the program disc, as attempting to save to a blank disc during play will result in a crash.

Despite its strengths, there are a few minor criticisms. The mouse pointer may feel sluggish, and certain options, such as viewing the computer's thought process or changing skill levels, can only be adjusted at the start of a game.

Overall, Scrabble De Luxe presents an attractive and engaging experience for word game enthusiasts. Its extensive vocabulary and responsive gameplay make it a program worth returning to time and time again. Plus, facing off against a challenging AI opponent can even help improve one's literacy skills. It's a rare gem in the world of computer gaming.

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