Coco Nuts Atari 2600 game

In "Coconuts," you take on the role of Stanley, the intrepid jungle explorer, who finds himself under siege by Coco the mischievous monkey! High up in the trees, Coco hurls coconuts relentlessly at Stanley, testing your reflexes as you maneuver Stanley to avoid the incoming onslaught. Armed with just a helmet and an umbrella as your defense, you must skillfully evade the coconut barrage. Each time a coconut connects, you lose one of these crucial protective items, but fear not! Achieving certain point milestones allows you to replenish your defenses. However, as the game progresses, Coco's fury intensifies, ramping up the speed and ferocity of his coconut attacks. Developed and published by Telesys for the Atari 2600, "Coconuts" brings the challenge to your screen, with Jim Rupp's programming prowess bringing the jungle adventure to life. Can you outmaneuver Coco's relentless assault and guide Stanley to safety before it's too late?

Game category: Atari 2600 games

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