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City Blocks Puzzle game

City Blocks is a match-3 puzzle game where you merge buildings to create a city. The aim is to build a city with the highest population possible before you run out of space. Each structure upgrade creates space for more inhabitants.

Track your rank

At the end of each game, you’re rewarded with a score and a global rank for the size of your city. Keep coming back and building new cities to improve your score! The game will save your progress automatically.


How to Play

Start your city

The gameplay in City Blocks is very intuitive. You can pretty much start playing straight away. Simply merge 3 of the same building type to create a new one. The game displays the next 3 structures in a row, so you can plan ahead.

Buy new buildings

As your city grows its numbers, it becomes more challenging to create advanced buildings. Especially when it comes to finding space. To overcome this challenge, you can earn jokers. Use the jokers to purchase the structures you need. It’s best to save these until later when you’ll need them the most.

Game category: Puzzle games

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