Circles Commodore 64 game

Today we've been swamped with news, and as I'm now overwhelmed and need a writers break, I thought it would be best to give a final shout out for this awesome yet simplistic little game called 'Circles' by James. What makes this game different from all the other ones we've featured this week, as in this game not only do you get swarmed by tiny dots, but as your fire power increases, so does the beat! Yes this game is a Rhythm based shooter and it's a lot of fun all squeezed into 4kb!

While this game doesn't have a story, nor does it stand out in the graphics department, it really doesn't need any of that, as I'm sure when you load it on your C64 you'll be hooked! Move your blue dot around screen, keep destroying anything in your way, and make sure to keep going while listening to the ever increasing beat. Seriously this is one game I'd love to see made into a commercial release with perhaps some backgrounds, different enemy types, and more music!

Game category: Commodore 64 games

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