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Circle Shooter 5-minutes game

Circle Shooter is a simple cute shooter game where your objective is to shoot every circle. Enjoy this easy game with relaxing music and clean simplistic animation. A green arrow turns against a blue background as white circles of varying sizes slowly fall onto the screen like snow. You must take out every single circle by shooting it. The challenge comes with the circulating arrow not reaching the falling circle on time. Time your shot well and click away as fast as you can to avoid letting any circles pass you by. If a circle falls off-screen or on your arrow, you lose the session. Head over to the leaderboards to see how well you rank against other cute shooters. This is the perfect instant game that doesn’t require a tutorial because of how simple it is to play. The game works great on mobile games but can also be played on desktop computers.


To play this shooting game, simply click on the circulating green arrow to shoot. Your goal is to shoot every single circle or else you lose that game session. At the end of each session, you’ll see your most recent score along with your best score. Play again to beat your best score every time.

Game category: 5-minutes games

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