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Circle Ball Skill game

Circle Ball is a fast-paced idle, clicker-style game. This is a clicker game where your reflexes and ability to measure distance are of paramount importance. Once the ball is released from the center you will have to tap the screen in the direction, and at the speed, you want the platform to travel in order to stop the dot from exiting the magic circle.

In essence, Circle Ball is basically a game of ping pong played against yourself. Instead of playing either side of a table you'll be responsible for swinging the paddle around a circle. This game requires concentration, determination, the ability to judge distance and maybe,  a lot of luck. 

The longer you play the faster the game will get, thus requiring you to think and re-act even faster. The size of the circle will change, sometimes drastically and sometimes subtly. This will obviously have an effect on the direction and speed of the dot. Your ability to recognize and react to these changes is what will rocket you to the top of the leaderboard and thus defeat the other layers on the site or lead to your own downfall.

There are no second chances in this game, there are no power-ups, and you can't buy and special abilities. Either you get good or you get beat real fast. 


Use your mouse or finger in order to click on the arena and dictate where you would like the platform to go. Your mission is to block the dot from leaving the circle.

Game category: Skill games

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