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Castle Kingdoms Amiga game

Once upon a time, in a distant past, there lived an elderly sorcerer who crafted a powerful amulet holding five precious gemstones. This amulet bestowed great prosperity upon the land and its inhabitants, its combined energy granting immense power. However, a malevolent dark lord cunningly deceived the wizard and stole the amulet. With it, he summoned legions of wicked creatures to cause chaos and destruction. The gemstones were scattered across five fortresses, and now it is your mission to reclaim them and save the world from impending doom.

Castle Kingdoms is an isometric action game where you take control of a group of five adventurers comprising a knight, princess, warrior, elf, and wizard. Together, you must confront the challenges within the five castles teeming with evil forces. You can switch between characters, with the others faithfully following your lead. During your quest, you will come across various useful items to aid you in battle, such as healing and protective potions, as well as scrolls with unique effects.

Game category: Amiga games

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