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Cars Movement Shooting game

Cars Movement is a cute and easy action game where your objective is to match the colors of the cars with the blocks. This is a bright and colorful vertical game with cute and simple animation. You can play on your phone or on your computer. This online action game starts off slow and easy but then speeds up as you begin matching cars. No worries if you lose track and have to start over. That’s part of the fun in this online game. Play again and beat your most recent score or best score. Collect as many rubies as you can to unlock cool character skins for your ball.


To play this action game, look to the bottom of the screen to see the 4 colors. A vertical line of cars will start driving down with the same colors as your digital keyboard. Using your mouse or finger, click on the block that’s the same color as the one coming towards you. At the end of each game, you’ll see your most recent score and best score. Play again and again to beat your own scores. Click on the shopping cart to unlock character skins and click on the leaderboards to see where you rank against other players.

Game category: Shooting games

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