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Card Cooker Puzzle game

Card Cooker is a free card game. All the world is a puzzle, and, in Card Cooker it is a delicious puzzle. Yay. Yummy food that we all love is here. Well, it is almost here. It currently only exists in disparate parts called ingredients. These ingredients need to be sought out, collected, and combined in order to create the delectable dishes we all know and love. In Card Cooker, you will be responsible for guiding a sweet chef using instructions in the form of arrows, blocks, and other guidance tools. The food will be scattered across a grid and can only be accessed by the chef who is being moved and manipulated through the maze by a series of instruction cards that tell the cook where to go. However, the cook needs to know when to stop as well, so you'll also have to put in blockades to stop them from going off the map. What makes this a puzzle is the fact that you have a limited amount of instructions to give the cook. It is actually a lot of fun to be honest. 


On your desktop computer please use your mouse to select the directions and place them on the map in order to motivate and activate the chef. Place blockades to stop them from going off of the board. Your goal is to guide them to all of the ingredients in order.

Game category: Puzzle games

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