Bugs Bunny in - Crazy Castle 4 Gameboy game

Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 is an action puzzle game developed by Kemco for the Game Boy Color in 2000. Bugs Bunny stumbles upon a mysterious map leading to a castle marked "C Castle," which he interprets as "Carrot Castle" due to its worn-out state. Eager for carrots, Bugs rushes to what he believes is a paradise of his favorite snack, unaware that the "C" actually stands for "Crazy."

The gameplay involves navigating Bugs through a series of 2D platformer levels across Taz Island. Each level contains various obstacles and features such as doors, stairs, ropes, and destructible blocks. Bugs must collect eight keys to unlock the exit to the next level within each of the 13 worlds.

Classic Looney Tunes characters serve as adversaries throughout the game, with some patrolling fixed paths and others actively chasing Bugs. Notably, Taz acts as a boss character, relentlessly pursuing Bugs and hurling projectiles. Bugs can defend himself by collecting weapons, carrots, and power-ups while avoiding being hit, as three hits result in the loss of a life.

The game incorporates elements of puzzle-solving as Bugs navigates through traps and puzzles within the castle. The levels are fraught with peril, including moving platforms and icy floors, adding to the challenge. Players must carefully strategize their movements to progress through each level and ultimately rescue Lola Bunny upon completing the final stage.

Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 4 features a total of 60 levels, each presenting its own unique challenges and hazards. The absence of a save function necessitates the use of passwords provided at the end of each world intermission screen. With your help, Bugs can outsmart the traps and adversaries within the Crazy Castle and emerge victorious.


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