BUBBLEDIZZY-HS Commodore 64 game

Believe it or not, but this was the first Dizzy game I really fell for. Sure, the other Dizzy's are nice, but once you get stuck it can become nerve wrecking making the same jump over and over again, to get further in the game.

Not with Bubble Dizzy! This is a simple game that is plainly put a lot of FUN!

Bubble Dizzy - Screenshot 01

Again you are in charge of the little dizzy egg named Dizzy, only this time a mean pirate is making you walk the plank. Lucky for you, you always land on the soft sea bed and there are dozens of bubbles streaming upwards you can ride on. But don't get angry if your bubble bursts, 'cos that's what bubbles do!

Bubble Dizzy - Screenshot 04

Jumping from a bubble to a bubble you need to reach the surface before you run out of breath (or better said - oxygen). Naturally there is some marine life there to make your life simpler and a lot more of it to make your life miserable! You can also pick up a few objects on your way.

And once you get to the top, there's a pirate making you walk the plank again, only every level that comes up will be somewhat harder to finish.

Bubble Dizzy - Screenshot 03

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