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Broken TV Puzzle game

Broken TV is a free, mobile puzzle game. Everything can glitch and anything can go wrong. In Broken TV you will take on the role of a TV repair-person who will be tasked with unraveling the broken fragments of television and putting them all back together like a puzzle. The true twist behind Broken TV is that the particular puzzles you'll be trying to piece together aren't static, still images. No, in this game the puzzle pieces are segments of a looping gif. If you thought putting together a puzzle was hard, now its a moving, looping target. It is much more difficult to figure out where a piece goes when the piece is moving. Harder but more fulfilling when you ultimately do get it right. You can also toggle the difficulty of the game by increasing the number of pieces the picture will be split into, thus increasing the replayability of the game and ensuring that older levels will remain fresh and challenging for even experienced players. Broken TV is an aesthetically pleasing game that offers a unique challenge for even the most hardcore puzzle fans. If you're bored of static images then step up to another level.


If you are on a mobile device tap one area of the puzzle to select it and then swap it with another area of the puzzle by tapping it. If you are on desktop you can select and swap different areas of the map by using your mouse.

Game category: Puzzle games

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