BountyBobStrikesBack Commodore 64 game

Gameplay is similar to Miner 2049er in that the player must inspect every section of 25 mines while avoiding mutants within a set time. One difference from the original game is that after losing a life, sections on platforms remain covered and destroyed enemies do not reappear, thus making it easier to complete a level.

Development On Atari systems, it is a bank-switched cartridge of 40KB total program and data mapped onto 16KB of address space.

Reception The game reached number nine on Billboard's list of top-selling entertainment computer software in June 1985, despite clocking in at a hefty $49.95 (equivalent to $136 in 2022).

In Steve Panak's column for ANALOG Computing, he found the large number of screens and the different elements in them to be a strong point: "It is this variety which saves Bob from mediocrity." He didn't like the unskippable animations when a new entry is added to the high score table, especially as the scores only persist until the computer is turned off.

In the final issue of Your Sinclair, the ZX Spectrum version was ranked number 56 on "The Your Sinclair Official Top 100 Games of All Time." In 2004, the ZX Spectrum version was voted the 19th best game of all time by Retro Gamer readers in an article originally intended for a special issue of Your Sinclair bundled with Retro Gamer.

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