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BombX Amiga game

Published without much fanfare in bookshops, this game left much to be desired. When we first encountered it, we were young, and perhaps our tastes weren't as refined, but revisiting it now reveals its true colors.

Some reviewers praise its multiplayer mode and find humor in its antics, boosting its score in an attempt to salvage its reputation. However, the consensus remains divided.

One review captures the essence of the game's controversial premise, likening it to navigating through bizarre mazes with a crude gimmick. Despite its questionable theme, some find solace in its gameplay mechanics, acknowledging its potential if one can overlook its glaring flaws.

Others dismiss it outright, deeming it unworthy of its commercial status, suggesting it should have been a freeware title instead. Such sentiments are echoed by another reviewer who laments its lackluster quality then and now.

One offers a sardonic commentary on the prevalence of adult-themed games in the market, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. Similarly, another finds little enjoyment in its gameplay, branding it as little more than a disguised freeware offering.

One reviewer's brief review sums up the general sentiment of fleeting amusement followed by disappointment, echoing the sentiments of many who've encountered similar titles on the Amiga platform.

In contrast, another recalls the game with a mixture of amusement and astonishment, acknowledging its resemblance to Bomberman with a risqué twist. Despite its juvenile premise, some find humor in its audacity, though its longevity remains questionable.

In the end, one bewildered reaction encapsulates the sentiment of many encountering this game for the first time – a mix of confusion and disbelief at its existence.

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