bombjack Commodore 64 game

Elite's Bombjack conversion for the Commodore 64 brings a unique take on the classic game. In this rendition, Bombjack, our hero on a mission to defuse bombs, faces an intriguing world filled with menacing creatures. The game spans five different locations, with each backdrop depicting famous places, adding a touch of variety to the gameplay. The primary objective remains collecting bombs while skillfully navigating platforms.

One noticeable departure from the original is that Bombjack has transformed into "Fatjack," adding a distinctive twist to the character. The character sprites and various elements are larger than usual, which gives the game a fresh perspective. The bombs, instead of being explosive, now offer a unique flashing twist. The music, while different from the original, offers its own unique flair, reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre. It may not be iconic, but it still has its charm. This version presents a fresh take that some players might find intriguing.

Certainly, the gameplay is somewhat affected by the larger character sprites, making precision movements a bit more challenging, but it introduces a unique challenge. The characters and backdrops, though different, offer a distinctive and artistic interpretation. The color scheme, while not extravagant, suits the overall atmosphere.

While this Commodore 64 conversion doesn't exactly mirror the arcade experience, it's important to remember that expectations should be tempered. While it might not match the original, it's a unique reinterpretation that can be appreciated for its distinctiveness. The changes in visuals and character proportions may take some getting used to, but they can add a new layer of intrigue to the gameplay.

In the original arcade version, Bombjack was known for its fast-paced platforming and addictive gameplay. Elite's interpretation may not capture the exact excitement of the original, but it offers something different and refreshing for those who are open to a new perspective. It may not be a direct substitute for the arcade experience, but it can be an interesting diversion.

In conclusion, Bombjack on the Commodore 64 offers a fresh take on the classic game, with its unique character transformation, distinctive visuals, and altered gameplay elements. While it may not please purists, it's an intriguing reinterpretation worth exploring. If you're open to a different perspective on Bombjack, this version can provide an enjoyable and unique gaming experience.

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