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Blue Boy Amiga game

Blue Boy is a unique game that combines elements of arcade beat'em up, shooter, and tower defense genres. In this game, you control a flying superhero named Blue Boy who embarks on a global mission to protect major cities from alien invasions.

Each level has a specific objective: prevent the aliens from abducting the innocent civilians who roam the lower area of the level. To accomplish this, Blue Boy can freely fly around the level and use various attacks like punches and lasers to eliminate the alien threat. If an alien successfully captures a human, you must act swiftly to defeat the alien before they both fly away. Since the aliens can appear anywhere in the level, you need to strategize and prioritize your actions, much like in the classic game Missile Command. Some aliens may attack you directly instead of targeting humans. When you rescue humans from captivity, they can be released from their cocoons to gain bonuses such as extra weapons, smart bombs, and extra lives. However, diverting your attention to these bonuses might hinder your progress in preventing ongoing abductions.

A wave of attacks is considered complete once all the aliens are eliminated and some humans remain. Each city in the game consists of two attack waves and a boss fight against a powerful spaceship. If Blue Boy loses all his lives or if all the humans are abducted, the game comes to an end. Additionally, a mini-map similar to the one in Defender helps you keep track of the aliens and humans throughout the level.

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