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Blockbuster Jewel Quest Puzzle game

Block Buster Jewel Quest is a free mobile game. You've played jewel games where you match three like jewels. You've played jewel games where you launch jewels at other jewels. You've even played jewel game where there were no jewels. But we offer you something different, something new, and something exciting. We offer unto you a real blockbuster of a jewel game. This is a jewel game where you are on a real quest. In Blockbuster Jewel Quest you will be placing a variety of polynominal shapes onto a massive grid. These shapes need to fill up an entire row and or column in order for them to vaporize. If they don't vaporize you don't get points and you run the risk they pile up and the game ends.



On your mobile or desktop device please user your fingers to point and tap or your mouse to point and click in order to pick up and place the polynominals.


Game category: Puzzle games

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