Big Time Bugger +2D Commodore 64 game

This competition is about creating a brand new compilation tape - with any proceeds to be donated to Special Effect Charity - featuring games by C64 developers of all levels of experience, focusing on great gameplay in a mini-game format while still retaining the look or feel of a Cassette 50 game, an infamous collection of games published by Cascade in 1983 and an early example of 'shovelware'.

The game supports PAL/NTSC/DREAN machines.

How to play

It's TIME to say a BIG no to all the bugs bugging around in the RAM and ROM memory of your very own computer, the Commodore 64. You have to find all 9 bugs hidden in $FFFF possible locations. Excuse me... If you don't know what $FFFF stands for, it's also a BIG chance to learn more about the computers, and hexadecimal values especially! It will definitely help you in your quest. So, as I said, you have to find all the 9 bugs which are hiding in 65535 possible locations!  Good these bugs don't have legs to run around!

What you need is paper and a pencil to keep track of bug and ladder locations (ladders take you from one area to another), and some patience to explore your computer's awesome mind palace.

As the main requirement of The C64 'Cassette 50' Charity Competition was that a game cannot write any code above $1000 (with some small exceptions for the $D000 area), this was my main inspiration to create a game that doesn't write but still reads data from the whole available memory area. This way you can actually see a graphical representation of BASIC, KERNAL, and $DD00 registers area. Enjoy the exploration!




Use joystick in port 2. Use the fire button to start a new game.


All values are represented as hexadecimal. This is how computers think!

The main part of the screen represents part of the memory visible, and it's all live data read from your computer.

Left sidebar:

  • The current name of the area
  • Absolute location in hex
  • Location divided by X and Y coordinates

Right sidebar:

  • Energy
  • Bugs to find

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