Beany Bopper Atari 2600 game

In this curious game, you assume the role of Bopper, a peculiar eyeball-shaped entity armed with a stun ray. Your objective is to capture a myriad of whimsical objects, most notably the elusive Beanies, while navigating through a dynamic maze. The Beanies, recognizable by their propeller hats and frowny faces, ricochet around the screen, threatening your existence. Your trusty stun gun is your only defense against these mischievous creatures; shoot them before they disintegrate your Bopper upon contact.

But the Beanies are not your only concern. As you traverse the maze, various falling objects cascade from above—bombs, airplanes, paratroopers, and bouncing oranges—all ripe for capture to earn bonus points. While the Beanies require stunning before capture, these other objects can be snatched directly, though stunning them will slow their descent, aiding in your endeavor.

Your journey is fraught with peril. Every missed object summons another Beany into the fray, while capturing four Beanies consecutively not only grants bonus points but also transforms everything into giant orange eyes, adding to the chaos. Amidst the frenzy, keep an eye out for opportunities to earn extra lives by capturing four Beanies without succumbing to their antics.

The game offers two distinct modes: one where Beanies bounce off obstacles, and another where they pass through unhindered. Your choice dictates the trajectory of your adventure, influencing the strategy required to emerge victorious.

This oddity of a game, released by 20th Century Fox in 1982 for the Atari 2600, defies convention. Designed by Mark Turmell and programmed by Grady Ward, Beany Bopper captivated players with its quirky charm and challenging gameplay. Despite its simplistic graphics and limited scope, it found its place among Atari enthusiasts, offering a unique experience in the realm of shoot 'em ups. So, embark on your journey as Bopper, master the art of stunning and capturing, and navigate the whimsical world of Beany Bopper with skill and finesse.

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