Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker Gameboy game

Will The Joker have the last laugh? A sleeker, deadlier Clown Prince of Crime is back from the past to terrorize Gotham City in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. When The Joker's recent attacks nearly bring about the demise of the aging Bruce Wayne, it's up to you to help Batman avenge his mentor and send The Joker back to the bottom of the deck... forever!

But beware, this isn't just any routine showdown. In a scrolling beat 'em up adventure reminiscent of classic titles like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, you'll step into the shoes of Terry McGinnis, the new Batman taking over from Bruce Wayne. Armed with a variety of gadgets and suits, you'll face off against the Jokerz gang, led by the diabolical Clown Prince of Crime himself. From the halls of Arkham to the Jolly Jack Toy Factory, every corner of Gotham City is a battleground as you fight to foil The Joker's dastardly plans.

Choose your suits wisely, each offering unique abilities and weapons. Will you opt for the nimble Nimble suit, enhancing your agility and attack power? Or perhaps the Offensive suit, boosting your punching power at the expense of defense? The choice is yours as you navigate through the treacherous streets of Gotham, confronting werewolves, giant robots, and other nefarious foes.

With each punch and kick, you'll inch closer to unraveling The Joker's sinister scheme. But beware, for the challenges ahead are as relentless as the waves of enemies. Can you outwit The Joker and save Gotham City from destruction? Or will the laughter of the Clown Prince echo through the streets once more? The fate of Gotham rests in your hands in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

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