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Basketball Hit Puzzle game

Basketball Hit is a free physics game. You've squeaked your sneaks across basketball courts all over the world. You have sunk 3 pointers with your eyes closed and made half-court baskets that electrified the world. But that was then, this is now. You've seen it all. You've done it all. And now, the world of competitive basketball bores you, you thirst for greater challenges in a new arena. Enter Basketball Hit. A game that takes everything you love about basketball and puts it into the top-down world of physics-based puzzles. Basketball Hit will finally let you challenge yourself by dribbling your basketball through a series of slats, barriers, borders, walls, and baskets. Can you think ahead? Do you know how to navigate the labyrinthian world of competitive basketball puzzles? This is your chance to be the queen's gambit of the basketball puzzle world. To show your haters that you are like Micheal Jordan and will be successful in not just one sport but multiple sports. The world is your onion, gamer-friend, and you have everything it takes to bring it to its knees by solving a series of intricate physics-based puzzles.


Tap on the various boards, baskets, planks, and platforms in order to alter their position and create a path for your basketball to drop down and find its way to the net below.

Game category: Puzzle games

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