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Balloons 5-minutes game

Balloons is a free mobile game. You may find yourself in a floating maze filled with ballons, you may find yourself as a razor sharp ebony saw blade, you may find yourself rotating in space as balloons fall all around. This is a common problem, it is an occurrence that happens all of the time. The only thing you can do is ask yourself how you got there and start flinging your bladed self around. Smash the balloons, splice through their weakened rubber skins. Your mission is to seek and destroy as many balloons as is humanly possible. The end is always near and it never goes away. Don't let the fading light behind the curtain go out on you before the end of the final act. Fling your blade through armies of floating balloons and cut them all down. Remember, they work for you now and you are an unkind master. Take out as many balloons in as few seconds as possible if you wish to upgrade the color, the shape, and the overall lethality of your blade. You can do it! You can take on and take down the living wrecks that have inhabited your maze world.


On your desktop or mobile device use your finger to point and twist or your mouse to point, click, and drag. Your goal is to navigate your way through the maze in such a fashion that you are able to pop all of the balloons in as short a time as possible.

Game category: 5-minutes games

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