Balla Balla Commodore 64 game

Another puzzler, but not actually that bad. If you remember and love Tilt by Genias, then you will like this game.

More of the same, with slightly less than impressive graphics, but some samples (albeit scratchy) and a cool old style tune playing in the background.

This is a two player game where you must simply get your ball to the end of the maze and to the exit designated at the bottom right of the screen. You have to do this by shifting parts of the maze in a horizontal and vertical fashion, making for some frustrating times over the time limit.

It is an addictive one level preview, which has some potential, but currently its unknown how far its potential took it.

Thanks to Gaz Spence, we learn that the game was by BetaSoft, which was a two-man demo group on CSDB. Both were also part of the demo group, The Obsessed Maniacs, suggesting that BetaSoft was a games development offshoot.

Hopefully with credits now in place, we will get to learn more about the game and if it progressed any further.

Game category: Commodore 64 games

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