ATV Quad Frenzy Nintendo DS game

ATV Quad Frenzy is a racing video game for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. The game is known for its fast-paced quad bike racing gameplay.


In ATV Quad Frenzy, players take control of powerful quad bikes and compete in various off-road racing events. The game features a variety of different tracks and environments, including deserts, forests, and mountains, each with their own unique challenges and obstacles. The goal is to finish races in first place while performing stunts and tricks to earn points and boost your speed.

Game category: Nintendo DS games

The game offers several different modes to play, including Quick Race, Championship, Time Trial, and Multiplayer. In Quick Race mode, you can jump right into a single race on any track you choose. Championship mode allows you to compete in a series of races and earn points to unlock new tracks and vehicles. Time Trial mode challenges you to complete tracks as quickly as possible to set new records.

ATV Quad Frenzy also includes multiplayer support

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