astronaut Commodore 64 game

It is the year 2085, the earth is widely destroyed and only a few humans have survived the robot wars. The last scientists developed together a new means of transport, the so-called Tacheon, which should power a star cruiser. By this, the relativistic restriction in travels to far away star systems can be overcome. The Tacheon Drive is based on the technique, that rare ionic crystals are bombed with quartz. But the whole sources of crystals on earth were used up during the development of the prototype, so that humans are brought to the hostile second-inmost moon "IO" of Jupiter, where these can be found abundantly and are scattered over the surface. The crystals are constantly thrown out of the depth of the moon by the three active volcanoes, that had already been detected in 1980. Not long after the construction of a moon base, the first wave of aliens from Jupiter arrive, to free their moon from the human intruders.

Now it is your task to protect the humans and their crystals against the murderous descendants from the Jupiter. You were equipped with the newest impulse laser backpack system, which can carry an additional man and can make itself (and its users) invisible and indesctructible for a short time. You need to bring back safely every survivor and its crystal to the "Dropzone", where the landing platform of the moon base is situated. The future of mankind depends on your success.


Astronaut is a Defender clone. You have to shoot a lot of aliens and bring your own men back to the base. A difference is, that the hostile ships do not try to hijack the people spreading around, but rather drop killer androids. Furthermore there is a cloak-mode for the own man, which makes it invulnerable, as long as the energy lasts.

Scrolling and animation of the own character are very fluent. The game speed is very high. The explosion of the character is virtual identical with the one in Wizball. In the lower part of the screen there is a big radar. There is no music, but very good sound effects. The collision query is unfortunately net very precise. As the most elements of the game are seemingly put into practise through signs and not sprites, some effects often overlap the enemy, so the game can get confusing.

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