Arkanoid Revenge of Doh Amiga game

Arkanoid, the classic bat-and-ball brick-busting game, has seen numerous iterations and adaptations over the years. From coconuts bouncing off bamboo sticks to space stations crumbling under energy bolts, the concept remains familiar yet endlessly entertaining. Among the myriad of adaptations, Discovery Software's Arkanoid for the Amiga stands as a pinnacle for many enthusiasts. However, the much-anticipated sequel, Revenge of Doh, while packed with new features and innovations, struggles to live up to its predecessor's legacy.


Revenge of Doh introduces a plethora of new elements to the familiar formula. From shrinking bats to self-generating multi-bats, the game offers a diverse array of power-ups and challenges. The addition of the mega-lazer, capable of slicing through bricks with ease, promises thrilling moments of destruction. Yet, despite these enhancements, the gameplay suffers from critical flaws. Poor sprite detection and fuzzy graphics undermine the precision required for success, leading to unpredictable and frustrating experiences.

Graphics and Sound:

Compared to its predecessor, Revenge of Doh falls short in terms of visual and auditory appeal. While Discovery's rendition boasted vibrant colors and sharp imagery, Doh's visuals appear simplistic and notably fuzzy. Sound effects are reduced to mere pings and blips, lacking the immersive quality expected from a game of this caliber.

Lastability and Entertainment:

The initial moments of Revenge of Doh offer a semblance of excitement as players acquaint themselves with the new mechanics. However, this enthusiasm wanes quickly as the game fails to offer compelling reasons to continue playing. Despite the introduction of exits leading to different screens and a variety of power-ups, the overall experience feels repetitive and lacks the staying power to captivate players for extended periods.

Combining these perspectives, the Amiga adaptation of Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh presents a mixed bag of successes and shortcomings. While it introduces innovative features and expands upon the beloved Arkanoid formula, its execution falls short in key areas. Issues with sprite detection, graphics, and gameplay unpredictability detract from the overall experience, leaving players with a sense of disappointment. While newcomers to the genre may find some enjoyment in Doh's offerings, existing Arkanoid enthusiasts are unlikely to find much to hold their interest. Ultimately, Revenge of Doh stands as a lackluster sequel to a beloved classic, with room for improvement in future iterations.

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