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In the vast expanse of space, a group of vigilant Marines intercepts a distress signal emanating from the colossal freighter known as Thanatos. Responding to the call of duty, they embark on a perilous mission to investigate the source of the signal, only to find themselves entangled in a desperate struggle against the dreaded Xenomorphs. Guided by the directives of Marine headquarters, a resilient battalion veers off course from their homeward journey to explore a distress beacon emanating from the depths of space, originating from the enigmatic vessel Thanatos. Establishing their presence within the cavernous confines of the freighter, the Marines encounter a harrowing landscape infested with Xenomorphs.

As their mission progresses, unforeseen obstacles hinder their advance, including a malfunctioning elevator that disrupts their trajectory towards the heart of the freighter. Cut off from their command center, the Marines navigate through the labyrinthine corridors of Thanatos, facing escalating threats with each passing moment. Tasked with the retrieval of a vital asset located within the depths of the ship, the Marines press forward with unwavering determination, overcoming formidable adversaries and uncovering the true extent of the danger lurking within Thanatos.

Aliens: Thanatos Encounter, released in 2001 for the Game Boy Color, plunges players into this heart-pounding narrative. Developed by Crawfish Interactive and later Wicked Witch Software, this single-player shooter is based on the Alien science-fiction horror film series. The game unfolds across 12 levels, each available in three difficulty settings, as players take on the roles of Colonial Marines aboard the infested freighter. With a top-down perspective, players must clear areas of Alien creatures and rescue survivors to progress.

Players choose one of three marines, each with unique attributes, such as speed and stamina, before being briefed on their mission objectives. Armed with an arsenal including pulse rifles, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers, players navigate the treacherous terrain of Thanatos. The game offers a variety of firing modes, adding depth to the gameplay experience. Yet, the challenge is intensified by a time limit to rescue defeated marines, adding urgency to each encounter.

Despite the game's innovative features, it received mixed reviews upon release. While praised for its originality, particularly the three firing modes, critics noted flaws such as slow gameplay and limited graphical detail. However, the game's legacy endures as a testament to the creative vision of its developers. As the last Alien game for handheld consoles until Aliens: Infestation on the Nintendo DS, Aliens: Thanatos Encounter remains a cherished classic among fans of the franchise.

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