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Airport Rush Management game

Airport Rush is a HTML5 Airport Management game where your task as air traffic controller is to control busy international Airport and clears aircraft for landing, taxi and departures, ensuring that airplanes will not collide during landing on runway, taxing or departure. Use touch or mouse to tap the icon to choose the best moment for airplane landing, taxiing to airport terminals, taxi to runway and airplane takeoff. If icons are not taped before the time runs out airplanes will automatically land, taxi to airport terminal, runway or takeoff. All aircraft that takeoff successfully will score points. Game has choice of two airports, both with one continuous level with increasing speed and number of airplanes. When airplanes collide, the game is over. You can share your result with your friends. Play Airport Rush HTML5 game on your smartphone, pad or tablet online without installation. 

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Game category: Management games

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