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Action Tanks Shooting game

Once upon a time

There was a beautiful planet, Althea, a developing industrial planet, sort of like earth. The inhabitants didn't pay attention to climate change although they saw the effects of it everyday. The people were not willing to change their lifestyles and the planet was dying. Their scientists found a solution and decided to pump the waste and dangerous substances from the atmosphere deep into the rock bed of the planet. 

Years passed and all was fine until earthquakes started to rattle the world more and more. The waste in the ground had reacted with the rock bed causing it to dissolve and the planets crust crumbled into the sea. Only a few  plateaus remains of the once beautiful planet. 


How to play

Go through the portal on each stage to complete the mission.

Aim and fire with mouse button. I recommend that you play this game in full screen mode. Beware, bullets bounce! 


You can use keyboard + mouse, gamepad or just keyboard. 

P1 Keys
​Move: W, A, S, D. 
Fire: Left mouse or space.

P2 Keys
​Move: Arrow keys
Fire:  Right shift

P3 Keys
​Move: Keypad 8,4,5,6. 
Fire:  Keypad enter

P4 Keys
​Move: I,K,J,L  
Fire:  O

Game category: Shooting games

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