Action Man - Action Force Atari 2600 game

Action Force is an exciting and thrilling game for the Atari 2600. Take control of the brave soldiers of Action Force and lead them to victory against the evil forces threatening the world. Prepare for epic battles, combining strategy and speed to defeat your enemies.

With stunning graphics and vibrant sound effects, Action Force immerses you in an engaging gaming experience. Race through dangerous environments, leap over obstacles, and shoot your way through hordes of enemies. Use your skills and tactics to successfully complete missions and save the world from doom.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of Atari games, Action Force offers challenging gameplay that will provide hours of entertainment. Explore the different levels, collect power-ups, and unlock new characters as you progress towards the top.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and become the hero of Action Force? Grab your controller, brace yourself, and immerse yourself in this unforgettable action-adventure for the Atari 2600!

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike is an action video game written by John Emerson for the Atari 2600 and published in 1983 by Parker Brothers. The game is loosely based on the G.I. Joe franchise and is the first licensed G.I. Joe video game. There are three game modes: single-player, two-player cooperative, and two-player competitive. The UK version was renamed Action Man: Action Force.

Parker Brothers held a contest in which a player could win a Black Cobra Cap by reaching the 16th level of the game.

In the single-player mode, the player controls a G.I. Joe training camp on the bottom of the screen protected by a barrier and armed with two laser cannons. In this mode, the goal is to keep the giant Cobra-operated robot snake from destroying the shield and thus the training camp by hitting it eight times. The Cobra robot shoots venom and laser beams.

In two-player cooperative mode, control of the G.I. Joe training game is split between two players as they work to destroy the Cobra robot. In the two-player competition mode, one player controls the Cobra robot and another player controls the training camp.

Based on the European version of G.I. Joe known as Action Force, the game was published by Parker Brothers as Action Man: Action Force in PAL format for European markets. In the game, the Action Force training camp is under siege from a giant Cobra Combat Machine built by the evil Baron Ironblood. Baron Ironblood was the leader of the Red Shadows in the Action Force comic book universe, before changing his name to Cobra Commander and creating the Cobra Organization later in the series.

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Action Man - Action Force - Atari 2600 console game.

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