Platform games

In platform games, such as Super Mario Bros, the player controls the character from platform to platform by walking, jumping and making action-related moves. Try it yourself and get as far as you can!

Sonic Crazy World

Play with the nostalgic character Sonic and collect as many rings as possible. Can you survive 10 crazy levels?

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Keep it Alight

In this game you are all alone and light is your friend and your enemy. Get as far as possible in the game by moving around and arriving at fire checkpoints. Don't give up hope!

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Ghosts vs Zombies

The battle between ghosts and zombies has begun! Kill all the zombies and grab the potions to unlock the exit. Avoid cannons and spikes, they can kill you. Note that you can only move in a straight line!

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Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Become a real power ranger and collect all the lightning bolts while avoiding all the danger. Pay attention to the number of lives and try to get as far as possible!

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Astro Kid

In this space adventure you must try to pass as many levels as possible. Make sure you get from start to finish safely!

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