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Keyboard controls can be changed via the hotkeys
section of the main menu. A,W,S,D to move.
Mouse to aim and shoot.
Spacebar for secondary weapons.
Q to change locking target.
P to pause the game and open up the store.

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Dead Metal game

Dead Metal is a top down shooter set in space, built off our powerful BT3 game engine. In fact, summing it up as Bubble Tanks in space with Star Forge art would be a pretty good way to describe it. The game was a result of just tinkering with the game engine and seeing what we could do. Once we were flying around launching missiles and blowing stuff up, we agreed- this is awesome. The game features over 30 unique enemy types across 5 races as well as 10 avatar ships with extremely varied weapons. The last mission is a survival mission, see how long you can last as hordes of enemy capital ships come down upon you and get the best score possible. The game saves after each mission completed.

Dead Metal Dead Metal

Dead Metal game

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