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Stupid Birds 3D

Category: Action

Instructions: The Egg-beater Birds are on a stupid mission to peck and damage the Dragon eggs. They have decided to break all the dragon eggs. But these stupid birds haven't realized that these precious eggs are under your watchful eyes. Call it heights of craziness or madness of the birds, your ultimate aim is to protect these eggs from the attack. And that├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├ГтАЪ├В┬в├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втАЪ┬м├Е┬б├ГтАЪ├В┬м├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втАЪ┬м├Е┬╛├ГтАЪ├В┬вs what stupid Birds 3D is all about!
The game comes pretty easy as you just need to tap the multi-shot icon and draw a quick line connecting multiple birds, to shoot birds at a time.