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Striker Superstars

Category: Sports

Instructions: Each match allows you to play 5 aside soccer with friends or on your own using the advanced AI team mates and play against thousands of others around the world. For those of you familiar with Football Superstars, the full online soccer MMO the controls and the aim is the same, play football! Win matches! Train your player! Become a SUPERSTAR! Getting into the action is as simple as a few button clicks. Once you have created your avatar, named them with a suitably inspiring title and chosen from the easy to use character options you will be presented with the Player management options. Here you will see a number of opportunities, the most important of which is the ├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├ГтАа├втВмтДв├Г╞Т├втВм┼б├ГтАЪ├В┬в├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├ГтАЪ├В┬в├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├ГтАж├В┬б├Г╞Т├втВм┼б├ГтАЪ├В┬м├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├Г┬в├втАЪ┬м├В┬ж├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├ГтАж├втВм┼УPLAY├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├ГтАа├втВмтДв├Г╞Т├втВм┼б├ГтАЪ├В┬в├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├ГтАЪ├В┬в├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├ГтАж├В┬б├Г╞Т├втВм┼б├ГтАЪ├В┬м├Г╞Т├ЖтАЩ├Г┬в├втАЪ┬м├Е┬б├Г╞Т├втВм┼б├ГтАЪ├В┬Э button. Click this and choose multiplayer or practice matches to start off your career.

Forward, Left, Back and Right W,A,S,D Shoot, Tackle, Kick Left mouse button (hold for power)
Change heading/kick angle Mouse
Free look Right mouse button
Pass, Slide Tackle Space
Sprint Shift
Change view Home/End
Zoom in/out PgUp/PgDn
Rotate view 45 degrees Insert/Delete
Toggle mouse lock F1
Escape full screen mode Escape
Preload shot, volley, pass, header LMB,
Space while ball is in flight