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Petanque 3D

Category: Sports

Instructions: Play Petanque 3D, the classic French version of boules.

Matmi's online interpretation of the same name is a multi-player, three-level game set in super-stylish 3D representations of three classic French holiday locations.
Select your player from four (slightly stereotypical) Gallic characters to play in one of three modes:
- Two-player online vs. your friend/opponent
- using the Facebook and twitter links embedded into the game, if you choose.
-Two-player online matched anonymously by the game vs. the next available player requesting this mode.
- In single player mode vs. the game itself.

Courtesy of some Matmi wizardry and Petanque's Unity 3D platform, you get fantastic angular views of the game during play, not to mention views of the stunning, authentic surroundings.

Pentanque 3D is played entirely with the mouse and each throw is split into the 4 following parts:
Direction, Angle, Spin, Power.
Once these 4 parts of the throw are chosen, the ball is thrown. (See in game for further details)
The aim of Pentanque is to get your balls closer to the jack than your opponents.