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Mighty Wings

Category: Action

Instructions: You control the crew of a flying fortress, armed with machine guns covering all sides and plenty of bombs. Guide your bomber through enemy cities on your mission of a full day bombing run. Destroy all enemy buildings, engage hostile fighters, collect power-ups and upgrade your plane devices.
Use w / s to pitch, a / d to roll and q / e to yaw
b to open/close bomb bay door
Space to drop a bomb
Mouse to aim and left click to fire the gun
Esc to pause and access options and upgrades

Your mission is to destroy buildings on cities while sparing civilian houses. You can destroy buildings with your bombs or with the machine guns.

Each one of the four view windows controls a gun in the plane.

You can have a visual aim at floor where the bomb will fall if you keep the gun aim near the right spot.

Each building destroyed leaves a power-up that can be collected flying the bomber trough it.

The fuel power-up fills your tank with some more fuel. The wrench power-up fix a little the damages. The bombs power-up gives you more bombs. The tech power-up gives you a tech point.

You can use tech points to upgrade your bomber (Esc key to access menu). Engine upgrade makes the bomber fly faster. Guns upgrades all machine guns firepower. Wings upgrade make the bomber more maneuverable. Bombs upgrade the bombs destruction power and range. Armor upgrade make the bomber take less damage from shots.

From time to time fighters are sent to hunt you down. You can defend from them with machine guns and some skill. They will also drop power-ups when killed.

Some cities are also heavily defended with AA guns. Their range and aim are linked with active radars buildings on city. Destroy these from above to make your life easier.

Good luck.