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Giant s Bane

GiantтАЩs Bane is a turn based strategy war game. Challenges to complete with an online leaderboard keeping track of scores. Also featuring a Challenge Editor to allow you to create and share your own Challenges with your friends!


Click and drag to move the camera.
Left Click a unit to drag it.
Right Click a unit to rotate it.
Mouse wheel to zoom in or out.
You can move a unit to wherever there are footsteps or onto an enemy to attack that has an crossed swords attack symbol below it.
Scorpions deal 5 damage points to Giants. Spearman deal 2 damage points to Cavalry, Knights and Centaurs.
Ingame tutorial is available.
To upload a Custom Challenge to our database, you have to play and complete it first, you will then be given the option to upload it.

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