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Extreme Racing With Beats 3D

Category: Car-Motor-Race

Instructions: Extreme Racing with Beats 3D is a sports game where you collect energy block and also try to avoid the de-energizer, as you cruise through gravity defying racing tracks.
It├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├Г┬в├втВм┼╛├В┬вs a two-in-One futuristic game that allows you to choose music beats from your library. Now isn├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├Г┬в├втВм┼╛├В┬вt that a deadly combination to raise your adrenalin?
Get ready for the ultimate action now..!
Use Keyboard controls:LeftArrow,RightArrow