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Dare Up

Category: Misc

Instructions: Feel the adrenaline of flying with a wingsuit through narrow passages, dangerous cliffs, and down hills full of trees and rocks that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

Dare to fly as close as you can to the surface and make the best scores. Or challenge yourself by trying to follow the paths of rings spread around the island.

Customize your character by choosing his/her gender and uniform colors, making the experience even nicer and much more attractive to play with.
Character Controls:
- Arrow Keys control the character
- Space Bar opens parachute (and slows down speed when parachute is opened)

Tricks Commands:
- Shift + Up Arrow key: Front Flip
- Shift + Down Arrow key: Back Flip
- Shift + Left Arrow key: Left Roll
- Shift + Right Arrow key: Right Roll
- Z + Down Arrow key: Back Flight

Menus Navegation:
- Use the Mouse to do all the navegation actions in the game