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Although The Swapper was originally released on PC nearly a year and half ago, this does little to dampen its appeal on Wii U; this is a title feels fresh and unique when stacked up against some of the other download games the eShop has to offer. With its unsettling environment, intriguing storytelling and some truly mind-bending puzzles, the entire experience oozes quality. Those looking for an atmospheric puzzle platformer, which makes you think not only about problem solving but also providing food for thought, should certainly consider giving The Swapper a go. Even though it’s a little on the short side considering the asking price, it would be a shame to miss out on the rich experience it offers.

SDK Paint is a decent enough drawing application; it has most of the basic features you need, plus some extra tools that can be fun to work with. Unfortunately, there are already more streamlined offerings available on the Wii U eShop — and they only cost slightly more. Most confusingly, a number of ultimately useless added features will make you wonder why more time wasn't spent on the app's core tools as opposed to things like its first-person viewing gallery. If you're in the market for something focused it's probably best to look elsewhere, but this former homebrew application may offer enough functionality and affordability — for the least picky among us — for simple doodling and sharing on Miiverse.

With its unique mashup of matching and math, Chests O’ Booty could be just the thing for puzzle gamers looking for a new experience, but a mediocre presentation, design issues, and a lack of polish keep it from truly delivering on that promise. Still, the basic gameplay can be relatively satisfying, and there’s certainly some relaxing fun to be had aboard. If you’re fine with its flaws, Chests O’ Booty offers up a decent diversion and something different for just a few doubloons.

Costume Quest 2 is an enjoyable romp through an appealing story of fun and sugary treats. The characters are all delightful and the game looks the part. Unfortunately the novelty of the combat wears thin rather quickly and some crippling performance issues can at times make the game a frustrating mess. Its simplistic gameplay is more suited to those with less gaming experience, but there’s still plenty to be enjoyed by more hardcore fans looking for something a bit more relaxing or less complicated for a change; just be prepared to play for the charm and story instead of the repetitive combat sequences.

Thanks to the Virtual Console and eShop, the notion the Wii U has a dearth of quality content is quickly becoming obsolete. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow closes out a strong trilogy of games that are exciting, challenging and fun, providing hours of play. Aria of Sorrow is particularly good for series newcomers, as it eases players into the series' lore and game mechanics. As the strongest Castlevania entry on the GBA, it earns an easy recommendation.

Flapp & Zegeta is a cynical attempt to cash in on the success of Flappy Bird, and it doesn't even attempt to disguise its intentions. The presentation is beyond lazy, the graphics are atrocious, and the game would have had to make a concentrated effort to be less fun than it already is. If paying $4.99 — at launch — for the recycled remains of a fad sounds like your cup of tea, then you're probably a masochist — the only audience we can safely assume this was made for in the first place.

It's hard to fault a game like Rock Zombie. It's a perfectly serviceable beat 'em up with a number of ridiculous choices that, whether intentional or not, will probably make you laugh. It's not the most technically refined gameplay experience you'll ever have, and a lot of the elements just don't add up, but it's campy enough to make you believe it was trying to be epic — and that might just rope you into trying its cheesy brand of arcade action.

Even through mimicking XCOM's tactical gameplay and utilizing the setting of the popular TNT series as a reference point for the campaign, Falling Skies: The Game feels about ten years too late to impress. Currently, there's nothing else that delivers a tactical shooter of this kind on Wii U, which is something of a selling point. Unfortunately what it delivers is a bland, watered-down version of the genre that even hardcore fans will probably want to stay away from.

Pixel Paint is an immensely useful tool for creating pixel art on Wii U. A streamlined interface ensures even the most uncoordinated newcomer can find their way around the application, while a set of useful tools — including some nostalgia-inducing colour palettes — will make expert pixel manipulators giddy. The package could be perceived as a bit bare-bones due to its currently limited exporting capability and a lack of tutorials, but what's on offer is more than enough to satisfy your retro cravings.

Tetrobot and Co. is a beautiful, charming puzzle game with a very fair and calculated approach to difficulty. You’re not going to waltz through this 10+ hour title without breaking a mental sweat, but you’re also not going to be left so frustrated and confused that you don’t want to pick it up again; a puzzle that may seem incomprehensible to you may be a walk in the park for someone else, and vice versa. You may be held up by some puzzles, but it's not due to a fault in the game. Tetrobot and Co. really tests every facet of your mental agility whilst still providing an incredibly enjoyable and (sometimes) relaxing experience. It’s a gem of an indie titles on the Wii U eShop, and any puzzle fan would be mad to miss out.

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