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Robots are tired of doing the bidding of their human masters and they've figured it's finally time to overthrow them. In this engaging arcade puzzler, it's your job to protect humanity from the endless robotic horde. Take down wave after wave of robots, collect powerups and save the world in the Crowd Control play mode. Or, seek out and destroy the leaders of the insurrection in Assassination mode.
In Crowd Control, click to start drawing a rectangular electrocution field and click to use the power surge when all 4 corners have the same robot color.
In Assassination, click to shoot a robot. The target will glow red when you kill an innocent, so look for him in the darkness and then kill him once you have exposed him.
RIGHT-CLICK: This opens the settings menu, that lets you toggle sound, and do other fun stuff.

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Robo Riot Robo Riot

Robo Riot game

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