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Well, it's NOT just another room escape game. Sleepwalker's Troubles : Brunhilda's Hut is a cool looking, fully real-time 3D room escape game with colorful cartoony graphics, vivid sounds, humorous story and puzzles which will keep players playing, exploring and solving for a fun and easy hour or two. The gameplay is based on classic adventure/room-escape mechanics (everything is done with one mouse button) where the player explores her surroundings, searches for useful objects, combines them, uses them and tries to solve various puzzles which will enable her to escape from her current predicament. The player takes the role of a sleepwalker that often wakes up in strange, unknown places and usually finds herself in troubles because of it. And this time the troubles come in the form of Brunhilda's Hut, a real witch's workshop. The story is light, fun with many humorous elements.

Instructions: Click on arrow icons to navigate, pick items by clicking on them and combine items in the inventory by clicking one and then another.

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Brunhildas Hut game

Brunhildas Hut Brunhildas Hut

Brunhildas Hut game

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