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Kikoriki: The Beginning [by HeroCraft] is yet another arcade adventure android game from the people that brought you Dragon and Dracula. The game is based on the Russian cartoon series “Smeshariki”, but the show is known by different names in other countries. The characters of the animated series become superheroes in this adventure, which is [...]

Dragon and Dracula [by HeroCraft] is a fun and challenging arcade android game that is sure to touch the hearts of the Mario and Spyro the Dragon generation. It takes the jumping, coin collecting and shrooms – the inspiration for many 90’s games – from Mario, giving the role of the hero to an increasingly [...]

Maiden Wars [by Arthur Olliff] is a real time 3D MMORPG fantasy android game, which will remind you of familiar online PC games of this genre. It touches all the bases from account registration to gameplay and is sure to impress fans of all android game genres. So if you still have some social life [...]

Get Off My Paper! [by App In The Box] is a fun android action game with a hint of puzzle, making it a crossover of Labyrinth and one of the bug smashing games out there. This great time killer will make you drunk with power over little bugs, tilting your phone like crazy and quoting [...]

Cheese Tower by TerranDroid is one of the latest in the line of stacking/unstacking physics games. Being quite similar to Super Tumble it also requires you to break certain blocks while making sure the “important” ones land on the platform. The little kid in you definitely misses those Tom & Jerry days so the whole [...]

The Forex Game [by Jerome Fillion] is a basic tutorial on foreign exchange trading. The game is designed to give a preview of currency trading without actually creating an account with one of the forex brokers. This is not an addictive and very fun game, but in case you consider trying trading currencies, it can [...]

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